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'idek why i like him so much'

You can call me lovely sydney, australia blogger/writer/artist

a whole lot of EXO UKISS & GOT7 and kpop

Jinyoung owning every k-pop dance there is

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■ Which EXO member is your soulmate?

Which EXO member is your soulmate?


Your EXO soulmate is Lay, the cool cat. As someone who has a high sense of self-confidence, Lay is always calm, collected, and never cries for attention. He’ll certainly have all your attention, though, as he wins you over with his swoon-worthy skills on the piano and guitar as well as his sick moves on the dance floor. What’s even more awesome? He’s not even arrogant about how cool he is at all—making him high quality in terms of talent and personality.

come back to me, it’s almost easy



Hoon the shush master.


Kris trolling

Kris: …It is hot in here!
Fans:  *screams*
Kris: Uh, I mean the weather, not you guys
Fans: ajdsfaksjdfasdfa
Kris: … just kidding just kidding

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looking for an EXO blog(s) to follow!

the ones i currently follow are at a low sooooo like this and ill check you out!

it’d be great if you were mainly exo but i aint fussy~ 

so like like like!~

it’s time to bring this back

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